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A year ago today you came into our lives. A sweet “little” cutie who stole our hearts. Now you have taken a “huge” part of our lives and heart. Happy 1yr Birthday Big Boy Cam!


24 pygmy hedgehogs adopted by animal lover.  Photos by Mason via Mail Online) 


A sleepy Rupert laying down in the sun.



He tried bananas today and loved it.

My piggies aren’t very big fans of bananas. Their favorite fruit is a blueberry. ^_^ 

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Finn; mutt, 2-6 months, new zealand

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The cutest animal ever: melt at the Power of Sloth - in pictures

What’s your favourite animal? Warning, it might be about to change when you see these pictures from Lucy Cooke’s new book The Power of Sloth.
Prepare to crumble, very slowly, into a heap of happiness as you learn more about a species about which you may know very little.  All photos by Lucy Cooke. Please note ~ the photos are captioned with information about these adorable sloths. 
Apr 7
Disgusting 😣

Disgusting 😣

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Apr 6


The Truth Behind Angora Fur (X)

Disgusting! Is it really worth it? What did that poor little bunny do to you that you Need that angora sweater? So sad to treat defenseless animals like this 😓